Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Four times 2 km tempo intervals

There is a post that I sent to my blog by email earlier today, hours and hours ago, and it has not shown up yet. Bruddy Brogger. It wasn't about running though because that happened this evening. Anyway, just be warned that it may turn up some time completely out of chronological sequence.

So I ran from the sento to the park tonight and had a rather gentle 6-km warm-up with a few of the guys. We then seemed to gradually break off into our own little groups, my group, Gareth's group, and Satohi's group each consisted of a total of one member. I decided to run four repeats of a 2-km ( 1.94 km to be precise) loop with 2 minute recovery. The idea was to go faster than tempo pace but not as fast as 1600-m repeat pace. I think I succeeded on the first measure, but not so sure about the second. They went like this:

Rep  Pace  HRmax   HRavg     Comment
1      4:01    84%       80%     Just warming up
2      3:51    88%       84%     Pretty hard
3      3:49    89%       86%     Starting to hurt a bit - should I do another?
4      3:44    90%       88%     That was definitely enough

I enjoyed this session. It was hard, but fair. I feel tired in the quads, but not overy taxed.  The left knee hs come through it pretty well so far (touch wood). Tomorrow will be an easy day and then maybe another tempo run on Friday.


Clairie said...

Explain to me how a group can have only one member? I must have been absent at school that day.

That's a great session to do and good results for someone running on their own. Then again if Gareth had been beside you trying to whoop your butt you may have ruined the session by going tooo hard. :)

Tesso said...

I like the way you kept getting faster and faster. A few more reps and you would've been sub 3 pace :-)

2P said...

That has happened to me a couple of times as I generally always blog via email - what you will probably find if it hasn't bounced back is that it is stored as a draft on your dashboard.

Nice session Steve - just the ticket for this stage of the prep.

Ewen said...

Don't you just love the social interaction of one member groups ;)

Pretty good pace for 4 x 1.94km Steve. I think you'll have 4:12s feeling slow in 13 sleep's time.