Tuesday, November 07, 2006

Another easy day

Headed out the door a bit later than usual and ran a shade under 10 km in 48:02 (average pace 4:54, average HR 131). The left knee etc were not too bad, but I still felt enough general fatigue and stiffness to not try anything silly. Just take it easy and let the recovery take its course and maybe have a harder session tomorrow.

One worry is all the disease and pestilance around at the moment. My wife had the flu over a week ago, then my youngest son has had a few headaches, probably cold related, and then last night the oldest came down with a high fever and some up-chucking. I'm lucky I only work in a very small office, but the train ride to work every day is like Russian roulette. Maybe I should start getting around like this.


Ewen said...

Na Steve, just one of the normal smog masks they all wear in Japan ;)

Congrats on two easy days in a row!

Your 5k yesterday was interesting... my last race was 27:00 at a HR of 153 (93%) - quite a difference in cardiovascular fitness between us.

2P said...

SOunds sensible - so who has kidnapped Steve and is writing his blog for him?

FWIW - I take a pro-biotic whenever the flu is at home - there is evidence now that it boosts the good bacteria in the mouth and snoz to knock off the bad guys as they come in.

Tesso said...

Nothing wrong with a bit of germaphobia. Afraid of catching a cold a friend of mine, travelling to Sth Africa for Comrades, wore one of those white masks (like some tradies wear) on the plane.

Clairie said...

I wasn't the friend Tess is talking about - only because I haven't done Comrades. But wearing a mask I WOULD do.

However wearing the whole suit is going one step further...maybe that is why I won't ever be SUB 3 Marathoner.

Still I' might consider it to help with the heat training for Kurrawa!