Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Yeay, my banner is back!

Thanks Hannah. Glad I didn't nag you ;-)

Well, Tokyo Marathon is coming up this Sunday Feb 28th. I won't have a very good one despite having a fantastic month of running in January. The problem was I overdid it a bit and ended up with some inflammation type pain in my left hamstring and knee area. It has settled down somewhat with several weeks of reduced mileage, but my fitness has slipped and the leg problem is still hanging around somewhat. I had been on track to go close to a 3-hr race, but now it is impossible to say. I may still pull out a 3:05, or it might go pear-shaped. Only time will tell. But Tokyo is a fantastic event to be a part of, so even if I end up limping the second half, wild horses won't stop me lining up on Sunday. Yippee kai oh kai yay!!