Monday, November 27, 2006

A few bits and pieces

A couple of readers have been confused by my reference to "No. 2 toilet stop", thinking I had more than one toilet break. Sorry, this is an English expression to mean my one toilet stop was of the type that is best not executed in a standing position.

For anybody who has me on Bloglines, it appears that the feed may have been broken since I switched to beta (grr), so you might have to re-subscribe.

Thanks again for all the encouraging comments. I am still quite content with the result. One thing I haven't mentioned yet, as I don't want to make excuses, is that I am not sure that I went into the race at 100% health. I don't know whether it is nutritional or a low-level virus or something, but somehow I just haven't felt quite 100% in the week or so leading into the race and still now. Toilet function was also not great and alternated between too much and too little, shall we say (as testified by the stoppage during the race). I have no idea if any of that contributed to my legs conking out, but it is possible.

My legs have had surprisingly little soreness since the race and I managed a slowish 6 km yesterday without much drama. My legs did mention towards the end that that was far enough.


Scott said...

I don't see the not feeling a 100% as an excuse. It is very valid. I think of say 20 races I've run I've been under the weather for 70% of them.

It seems that getting to the line healthy with a good build up are the two main keys.

Rarely does it all come together but that makes the races that it does very special.

Tesso said...

That's funny what people thought the No 2 was. Now if you stopped for a No 3 I would've been confused :-)

zihuatanejo said...

I see, is the No1 p**p? and is the No2 pee?, sorry I was one of a few of leaders who confused by number. It's a funny way to say, learned again even I don't need to say this way!

2P said...

Hehe I wasn't confused - just amazed that you could do it in 48 seconds....

Clairie said...

I am very confused. I have been waiting for days on Bloglines for your postings.....and nothing!

Then today I log on and get 25 posts all in one hit.

I am so sorry I did not see the results sooner - I was definitely looking!

3:04 is a damn fine run Stephen.

I don't care how long the toilet break actually took but I know for sure that the distraction caused when you felt the need to go and then the search for one - even though you are still running - takes away from the concentration you should have had. So I would always put at least 2mins down to this. Trust me - been there done that!!

I have never really bonked in a race so can't know how you felt to see the race just slip away, but I do know that in my training I have started or done a session with cement legs and felt totally out of control with my pacing and breathing. I guess this is something like hitting the wall. It is a terrible feeling and all the training in the world cannot prepare you for it nor diagnose why it happened.

I dare say being unwell would certainly have contributed.

But you know what?

With the loo break, the hills, the flu bug etc....I now have an expectation that you will do 2:55 in Tokyo if you don't have those distractions.....damn dug yourself a hole there didn't you :))))))))))))))

MilesandMiles said...

Ha I am still laughting !... I know what a number 2 is (after 15 years in england :) ... but the way you listed your splits the word Toilet appears 3 times so at first glance i thought you had 3 toilet breaks !

MilesandMiles said...

Seriously... I found a few articles here on how best to resume training after a marathon..

Rachel said...

I thought 48 seconds was bloody fast too!
Well done on the race. It's amazing how fast the tiredness can come on. If I had run only the last five kms I might have been able to keep up with you....just!