Thursday, November 23, 2006

Ohtahwara result

Excellent pace through 25k, OK through 30, then ran into cramp bear and wall. Nothing I could do but watch the 3-hour slip away. Posting by mobile, so more detail tomorrow. But I made no big tactical errors, so it just wasnt meant to be today and I am OK with it.
Currently in party mode at the hot spring -yeehaa--. Sorry Clairie and Satohi, I was particularly trying to get there for you guys today, but the legs just didnt hold up.


Tesso said...

Congrats Steve! That's such a fantastic time you've run, even without the cramps and wall.

I can't wait to hear all the gorey details. Make sure you include hot spring stories :-)

Take care. Enjoy the recovery and look after those leggies.

PS Is that a normal thing in Japan, a mid week marathon?

Scott said...

Well done Stephen

I guess that 3:04 was done with more guts than a sub 3:00 under perfect conditions.

As long as you remain sanguine you will get what you want soon enough.

Tesso it's not normal for a mid week race but yesterday was a public holiday here in Japan so there were a few races around the country.

By the way it was shitty weather, cold, windy with patches of rain I felt for anyone running yesterday.

Keren_m said...

Zanen deshita! Still, almost everyone else in the world would be bloody happy to run that time.

So, the "or else" threat will now be evoked. Be afraid, be very afraid.