Sunday, November 12, 2006

Blogger Buggered to Buggery

Well, if you were thinking of switching to Beta Blogger, don't. Not yet anyway. Little did I know that after you migrate you cannot comment on non-beta blogs. It is "coming soon". What!!  So far I have found only one advantage of beta, that you can label your posts with a category. There are probably other benefits, like the blog layout editing function, but to use that you have to basically abandon your current template and start again. And I'll be stuffed if I want to lose my counters and my tables and my Hannah Banner ... so for now, Blogger can get stuffed.  I'm sorry I didn't check it out more thoroughly before being seduced by the little beckoning button. And I'm sorry friends, it appears I am unable to comment on your blogs for a while.

But it is good to see Go Girl back out there doing 18 km, great to see Ewen clawing his way back to fitness, 2P being mesmerised by carp (shame you didn't have a stick of jelly 2P) on Quarry Road, Clairie running strong on tired legs, Tesso coming within a whisker of her 3000 m goal, Hannah conquering the heat, Luckylegs outrunning the Ghosts of Fisher and breaking 1500 m records, plu riding out his GNW frustrations...

Hope to be able to comment properly gain soon.


Tesso said...

I was seduced by that beckoning little button, then it told me to rack off.

Thanks for the comment on your blog. That's a pretty thick whisker :-)

2P said...

I did look into migrating but figured it really didn't offer that much that interested me so stuck with the current model.

You still should be able to comment on blogs that allow "Anonymous" comments like mine *hint hint*

Thanks for the mention in dispatches :-)

Ewen said...

But will the Yanks understand what "buggered to buggery" means?

Yep, I also let any bugger leave a comment.

I bet you've also got a Sony Beta recorder under the bed ;)