Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Training in my sleep

Just for something completely different, here is a post about not running. Not a non-running post, a not-running post.

Tonight is the monthly 5k time trial, so what I'd hoped to do is get up this morning and take my 20-km mid-week IV drip of aerobic goodness and then back up at the track tonight for the time trial. That's how good I'm feeling at the moment.

But sadly, last night I couldn't get out of the office until 10:30. I was home by 11:15 and fed by 11:40 or so, but feeling pretty tired.

Climbing into the farter at midnight, looking down the barrel of waking up five hours later to run 20 odd km...I thought, nup, I think it would be far better for my body to take an extra two hours sleep, move the 20k run to this evening, and toss the time trial out the window. So that's what I plan to do.

Now wasn't that a fascinating training session!


Tesso said...

Damn good work there Steve. I must try a few of those myself.

Clairie said...

I read in some expert magazine that if you dream of training...your body gets the benefits because you can trick yourself into thinking you are physically running - sooooo next time just do the 20km in your sleep.

BTW - I am just bullshitting. In case we have any gullible people like 2P reading this that decide to start sleeping a lot :)