Tuesday, January 23, 2007


I'm feeling a bit down on myself about food. I have been eating far too many empty calories. Breakfast is alright...usually meusli, sometimes of late porridge. Lunch is alright...usually a tomato, cheese & lettuce sandwich and soup. Dinner itself is usually quite good, but often due to my our hectic lifestyles, especially on weekends, can be just rice and a piece of fish/meat, not much in the way of vegetables. But my dinner serving isn't much bigger than what the kids eat. And if it is bigger it is mainly by having more rice. So, for those that are doing some quick calorific accounting, you will realise this isn't really enough calories to sustain someone training for a marathon. The problem is, I top up with shit. Chocolates and cookies (bikkies) at work, maybe some chips on the way home. I keep telling myself to quit and buy something healthy instead. What I mean by healthy is simply something with some vitamins and minerals, maybe even some protein, for much the same kind of calorific value as the other rubbish. I'm sure it would help my energy levels and overall well-being if I could cram in a few more vitamins etc. The main impediments are laziness (to get up and pop out to the convenience store or getting organized), stinginess (I would have to pay out of my own limited pocket-money), and self-gratification (I actually do like the naughty foods, especially chippies and chockies, so it is kind of a comfort food I guess...but totally unecessary!)

I wonder if anyone else can identify? Anyway, I hope this post gives me the impetus to start doing something about this. In any case, I must try to eat more natto, even if it doesn't help you lose weight after all.


Scott said...

I can understand what you are saying about needing more calories and the empty ones. Luckly my only weakness is beer, mayonaise and white chocolate but the problem of late is that I'm not getting good regular meals.

About two weeks ago I had the audacity to complain about the state of the fish my wife gave me for dinner, it was black as can be, and she cut me off completely.

I now either cook for myself or eat out and I'm wishing I could get a little burnt fish now but I'm too proud to beg forgiveness.

They don't make Japnese women like they used to. You know the ones that do as their husbands say.

Stephen Lacey said...

You do realise of course that the correct way to complain is not "Hey bitch, what do you call this? I've seen squid ink with less colour than this! Did you think that since it was dead you might as well cremate it?"

You see, they don't like that kind of criticism. You have to be more gentle and apologetic. Like, "Hey honey, um, I hate to seem like I'm complaining, I mean, I know how hard you work and all, and I know how busy you are, but, um, next time you cook the fish, do you think that you could, um, try setting the grill to a lower setting than 'Nuclear Holocaust'. Thanks. I knew you'd understand."

See, now you know how I maintain matrimonial harmony at all times.

2P said...

But I might point out Steve your wife only feeds you the same amount as she does the kids ;-)

Fortunately I never look for sweets, biscuits or cakes - my weak spot is fried food. I'm back on carbs now but only complex low GI stuff - interestingly I read yesterday that this is what Dean Karnazes eats - so looks like I'm well on the way to getting my picture in Sports Illustrated Sexiest Athlete edition :-)

Ewen said...

Instead of topping up with s-umm, rubbish, you need a bag of 'trail mix'... assorted nuts, raisins and other dried fruits, grapes, cherry tomatoes etc. Maybe even dried natto ;)

Tesso said...

You guys make me laugh ... and make me glad I only have to 'cook' for myself. I put cook in inverted commas because 9 times out of 10 my dinner is a big salad with a can or two of salmon or tuna.

I was going to suggest something similar to what Ewen said. My snacks include fruit (mostly apples, grapes) and raw nuts (mostly almonds). They also include chocolate but that's really the only 'bad' thing I eat.

PS I think you should send a food parcel around to Scott :-)

Stephen Lacey said...

ha ha ... yes, I should send a food parcel to Scott...maybe with some Cajun blackened fish...

It is hard to buy trail mix here, but I could buy some sultanas and nuts and mix them. I shall do that and see how it goes.

Ingo said...

Hmm, what's all that running about if we have to be that strict with our diet? That would really take the fun out. My view on things is, we run a lot and we should eat what we feel like - I believe in "somatic" intelligence. If you want that Snickers, you may well need it. If not, your high calorie turnover and metabolism will flush it out quickly anyway. Ingo

Anonymous said...


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