Wednesday, January 03, 2007

Off the Mark for '07

Running on Gantan (New Years day) is pretty much out of the question in Japan. Instead you just lounge around, eat lots of traditional food and assorted treats and drink as much as you like. I had a bottle (750 mL) of sake with breakfast and then abstained for the rest for the day, I do mean day, and then knocked over another one over the course of the evening. The first one had gold flakes in it for visual effect and tasted quite good to boot.

The pattern for today was not much different. I watched the first couple of legs of the Hakone ekiden (two-day event for university teams that absolutely drips with tradition, having been held continuously for some 85 years apart from a brief break during WWII) and then got out for a steady 11 km in 51 minutes before we had our main meal of the day. The left leg is still far from cured, but was vastly improved over where it was a week and a half ago. My aerobic condition, as evidenced by heart rates, is definitely down a little, but having done a few speed sessions and the trail run, I think I am in a good place to stick to mostly aerobic running. As much as I'd love to launch into a lot of mileage, I think I will stick with the plan I have established of three key runs per week plus cross training and see what happens. If the leg continues to improve I might add in a few more aerobic runs later in January.


Clairie said...

44 days until Tokyo...mmmmmn

Don't think I could EVER do a bottle of sake for breakfast, let alone follow it up with one later that day. Certainly I would be comatose - explains the sitting still all day result!!

Hope you have a great New Year Stephen, and get on top of the injuries. For sure the new plan of cross training and focus on selected key runs sounds like a very sensible and workable plan.

I look forward to seeing /hearing of the results.

A prosperous blessing of good health and fortune for you and your family.


Tesso said...

Hmmm, at what stage during that bottle of sake did you notice the gold flakes floating in it ;-)

Ewen said...

So, I'm ahead of you in training days for the year! Yeehah!!