Wednesday, January 24, 2007

A rare Wednesday morning run

With the airport trip tonight I won't be doing my usual Wednesday run in the park with Namban mates. So I got up early and headed out for a mid-week kinda long run (as Hal Higdon calls them). It wasn't quite as intense as the ones with Adam last week and the week before, but I still ran much of the second half at a heart rate up near 150 and pace between 4:10/km and 4:20/km. The averages are dragged down by the easy cool down.
Total distance: 22.3 km (week to date: 41 km)
Time: 1:40:10
Average HR: 140
Average pace: 4:30/km


Clairie said...

I love my Wednesday morning runs!

I am sure the timing and the pace would have allowed you to have reflection on Tatsuya's upcoming journey and your feelings about it. I hope he settles well into Year 11 and becomes the arrow that flies straight and true.

2P said...

Nice midweek longish run Steve - running in the morning means that the humpday run comes a bit earlier than usual ;-)

Ewen said...

That's kinda my weekly long run. The distance part anyway...

Ingo said...

Steve, can you post your heart rates in %HRmax if possible? That would make it more comparable to my training as I am trying to tackle the big 3h at the end of the year.

And good effort the 4:10-4:20 pace run! I am doing lots of 7-milers at that pace at the moment. I know I should increase the distance but I am not quite where you are already. What's your Shinjuku target this Sunday btw? Cheers, Ingo

Stephen Lacey said...

Ingo, good point. Sorry, I've kind of stopped using percent and just follow absolutes, even though the targets are kind of based on target perents. 140=75%
I'm finding I have to run really hard to get up near 80% these days, which is a good sign.
Shinjuku...I'll take it as it comes. No particular target. My main target is to try and have a fairly big week this week, so basically no taper for Shinjuku and therefore no expectations other than to have a pretty hard 21.1km and see what happens.