Saturday, October 07, 2006

Sixteen Saturday

I had a slight sleep-in this morning and finally got out the door at about 8:15. I decided to do much the same session as I had set for Satohi for today: about 6 km at target marathon pace and 14 or 15 km all up. I felt fairly reasonable to be honest when I started and was soon into a bit of a rhythm. I ran to Komazawa Park at a comfortable 5:00 min/km at a heart rate of 133. As soon as I hit the park I acclerated up to around the 4:15/km mark.  Over the next three 2-km laps I managed to average 4:17 min/km, which is not too bad. Actually the pedometer was over-estimating distance and that meant I thought I was going too fast in the early laps until I realized what was going on. Towards the end my heart rate was up around 85% of HRmax.

This suggest if I was to head out for a marathon tomorrow I would probably not target a pace any faster than 4:20/km ... in other words, a few minutes slower than 3-hour pace. So it is going to be interesting to see what these next couple of big weeks of training can do. More to the point, it makes me wonder whether I should do any lactate threshold workouts or just stick with this steady staple diet of as many aerobic km as I can. So far my body is handling this regime pretty well, so part of me is tempted to just stick with it and let the speed freaks have their tempo runs and VO2 intervals ... it is a bit vexing though.

Anywy, that's 85 km in the bank with the long run tomorrow...

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2P said...

FWIW - I think even just a few lactate threshold sessions in the last 3 weeks is valuable both physiologically and psycholgically.

Maybe a 3 or 5k TT? - that would give you a much better indication(IMHO) on likely marathon pace.

You should be earning considerable interest on all those miles in the bank - how about a loan? :-)