Tuesday, October 31, 2006

Brief Catchup

The weekend was quite busy, so no time to blog, but at least the running went ahead as it should.

Saturday 28th -- mainly aerobic with structured fartlek
14 km in 1:04:20 (4:36/km)
Average HR: 136
Included three laps of Komazawa Park in which I ran the uphill kilometer hard and then back to regular aerobic pace for the downhill. The three uphills were 3:45 (AHR151), 3:45 (AHR 156), and 3:50 (AHR156). I was thinking of doing four, but my left leg started twinging on the third one, and the time fell away a bit, so I decided that was enough.

Sunday 29th -- long
39 km in 3:21:47 (5:10/km)
Average HR: 133
I didn't actually set out to run that long, but we were running rather long combination loops in Yoyogi Park. I mis-calculated slightly and by the time I was ready to turn for the final 6 km to home I had already clocked up 33 km. The combo loops were 5.6 km. I ran the last one and a half at under 5:00/km pace, but back on the streets cruised home at about 5:10/km. I was pretty weary by the end of it, but have pulled up OK apart from a few tender spots in the old left leg.

Tuesday 30th (Today) -- upper aerobic
16.2 km in 1:15:48 (4:41/km)
Average HR: 137
Just the standard Tuesday morning run with the third lap at Komazawa being at a heart rate of 149 as a kind of fitness test. I will compile the results of these tests that I've done over the past couple of months and post them as a graph in the next day or so. I was a little bit flat this morning with carry-over fatigue from Sunday.


2P said...

Wondered where you got to....

Wow that was a "long" run - you need to do that remedial math class ;-)

Ewen said...

33hrs 21mins 47secs! Did you get a 24hr split for a PB?

I think the carry-over fatigue is due to taking Clairie's advice and giving up the beer.

Tesso said...

Wow, 39k. Weren't you just a little tempted to throw in another 3?