Tuesday, October 24, 2006

Cheers guys

Wow, thanks for all those encouraging comments on the race-pace training run. Wasn't Clairie's pep talk a beauty! It had me all fired up and ready to run out he door, but I couldn't find my crutches ;-)  Thanks matie!

I suppose the most important thing to say is that I have not given up on anything, and I am not at all down-in-the-dumps over that assessment of not yet feeling quite in sub- 3-hr shape. I was trying to gauge where things feel at this time. And to a large extent to think about what is needed to try and get that extra bit of oomph. And some very constructive comments from one and all. Yes, fatigue would have taken and edge off Sunday's run (I was a bit silly with Saturday's run, but oh well), and yes, some tempo runs will give a boost, and yes, the taper will also count for a lot. So let's just keep rattlin' along this course and see how we go over the next couple of weeks.  But just one last thing, I'm not even going to be overly upset if I don't get under 3 hours because I have already done it twice, and will not beat last year's time at Ohtawara unless I give up my job, or get divorced, or both!  Sub 3 is just a nice number to aim for because I know I can be up there or abouts.

For the time being though, I am still recovering from Sunday. Took yesterday off running and definitely the legs felt a bit beat up. Had a shocker of a restless night last night but managed to get up at ten past five and head out into the squalls (another typhoon -- in the Japan Sea this time). There was not much rain, but it was chilly and windy. I aimed not to set any records, and that is exactly how it went. What was most interesting is how low my heart rate was despite relatively high perceived effort: average pace of 4:54/km and average heart rate of 130 (for 14 km). Those numbers are fine, great in fact, but as I said, it just felt harder than it should have! So I was being told all along that I still have a bit of recovery to do from the weekend's exertions, and that was fine because it was what I expected and planned for.  So for the next two days I think I'll keep the runs at lower aerobic, maybe a bit of upper aerobic if I feel better, and then perhaps a solid tempo session on Friday (like last week).


2P said...

All sounding good mate ;-)

Ewen said...

Don't do both!

You can do a lot worse than having Clairie on your side ;)

That low HR is another good sign Steve.