Sunday, October 07, 2007

Limping along

I had a couple of good runs amongst a week in which my main goals were 1) to not lose fitness while 2) try to nurse the right hamstring back to a healthy state.

  • I rested Monday, did two sessions on an elliptical trainer, one Wed morning followed by an easy/steady paced Wednesday night run of 18 km with marathon babes, Mary & Satohi.
  • The other elliptical was on Thursday night (with the only running that day being 3 km on the treadmill waiting for an elliptical to become available).
  • Backed up Friday morning for a run that was to really just be lower aerobic, but became upper aerobic. I think all the muscle fatigue is gone and all fibers are firing again. A couple of laps were comfortably down under 4:10/km, but then some heart rate drift crept in and the pace had to shift down a bit. It was still a satisfying run to come through with the injury feeling not too bad.
  • Saturday I clocked up an easy 14.
  • Then today, we did a bit of a funky trip from Yoyogi Park, our regular haunt, down to the Imperial Palace (6 km). I ended up running five laps (4.95 km each) of the Palace and back to Yoyogi a different way (7 km) for a total of a shade under 38 km in 3:10:56. I had no idea of the pace early on, but I have just checked my log and realized that it was low 5:00/km. From around 20 km (lap 3) I picked up the pace to 4:40/min for two laps, but by the end of the second I was a cooked goose. I still had to run back to Yoyogi Park by myself, having lost Gareth and Colin earlier to common sense. Then, mercifully, a few km from the end I bumped into the marathon babes. They were finishing off their 30 km run and were also heading to the Park. They were a real godsend as I was ready to just lie down and die. Seriously. But they hitched me up to their little red caboose and dragged me back to the park.
  • Total for the week: 108 km. Not to bad. But I till feel a bit like I am slowly falling apart.


Tesso said...

Falling apart. Better pull yourself together man!

PS Were your ears burning on the weekend? Your name may have come up once or twice in conversations with Carol :-)

Ewen said...

Better than falling apart fast, like some runners in the Chicago marathon.

Re your log... I wouldn't be doing any speedwork in your current state!

I think Tesso meant to post about "pulling yourself together" on the "Psst, they're onto us" post ;)

Scott said...

"cooked gooses" "running babes" and "little red cabooses" these are a few of my favorite things ;)

Still you seem to be negotiating that razors' edge. Keep it up!

As for your question about Tokyo. I didn't apply for next year. Did you?

In the way of full marathons I'm planning the Kakogawa marathon on Dec 23rd next and Canberra in early April 2008.