Wednesday, October 31, 2007

And the winner is ...

I think (B) was probably the closest, but I wouldn't say that "much of it was at 10 race pace".

I was a bit sneaky though, you see. I got out for a shade under seven easy kilometers in the morning. Then I did an easy 6 km warm up tonight. Then a 10 km tempo run on the track (and we were just about there weren't we?) and then another couple of easy kilometers to cool down, just to make sure. So a lot of it was really at easy pace, and I think that was my crowning glory of common sense. And it was all directed around making sure I could do justice to the schedule 10 km tempo run. But end result, ta daaaa .. 503.0 ... 100 meters less than last month! Shit, what's the time? Where are my shoes?

And boy, wasn't that tempo run a weird thing. From my HRmax, I judge my lactic threshold to be up around heart rate 160 to 165. And based on current fitness and recent heart rates etc, I figured I could target 3:55/km to 4:00/km as being about right to get me to that heart rate after a few kilometers; It wasn't. I had Joachim for company (him fresh off a 78 minute half last weekend!) and we really got into a good rhythm. As good as you can on a track as crowded as Oda Field on a Wednesday night. By 5k we had averaged 3:58/k and my average heart rate had only got up to 153. Then we turned the screw to low 3:50s and my heart rate was up to 156/157. The last two km were a 3:50 and a 3:43 to come in at 38:59 (rounding errors in the log splits made it 39:01 ... phooey). It was only in the 9th km that I really felt my breathing go up that extra notch. So it seems I probably need to be under 3:55, close to 3:50, to really reach into my lactic threshold. That's a really good thing. Now if only my legs and back and everything else would just cooperate!!

Oh, and the Tarthers were beautiful! I think they'll be OK in the marathon despite how light they are.


2P said...

Ha! Knew it would be (B) - nice work on the 500k.

Robert Song said...

Lactic Threshold at 3:50. That is more than a really good thing, that is fantastic. You must be thinking of a sub 2:48 as a highly achievable target time based on those figures.

The legs , back and everthing else will come good in the taper no worries. Your biggest risk is over-cook it now.

Ewen said...

Ahem, where did I put those bullets?

Didn't Arthur say not to count the second run of the day as part of the 100 miles ;) You may as well have counted running across the road a few times during the month to get the extra 100 metres!

That's a good sign HR-wise. If you can get the niggles into one piece, be fully rested on the day, and maintain your current condition, 2:52 pace should be pretty comfy.

Scott said...

Congratulations Steve that's a great months total!

Yes if you can also make sure your're mentally ready for the marathon then a PB is possible in your current form.

Pete said...

Way to go, Steve. Your fitness level is very high. Hang on to it, rest up and enjoy the race.

3 weeks to go, right?

Tesso said...

503k ... love it! Some months I don't even drive that far :)