Monday, October 29, 2007

Last Week in Review

I should have written this up last night. I am already 10 km into this week.

So, it was a strange old week of mixed fortunes, some of which I mentioned in the last post. But leading with the positives:
  • The two niggle/injuries in my right leg have cleared right up
  • Despite a cold, the funeral, and a typhoon on Friday/Saturday, I managed to log 118 km
  • I had one very good quality speed workout, and another OK one (on a treadmill)
  • Logged a reasonable long run yesterday
  • In a pique of optimism yesterday afternoon bought some racing shoes (Tarther Duel LT)
  • Having cut out grog, coffee (mostly) and sweets and chips (mostly), my weight has dipped below 70 kg, actually it was 68 yesterday after the long run and 69 this morning before brekkie.
  • I somehow feel I am on the verge of peaking and being in pretty good shape for a good marathon. If only all the news was good.
The one bad thing is that I have this on-going pain in my lower right back and lower abdomen just above the pubis. It comes and goes and usually doesn't present much of a problem to my running, but both bugged me a fair bit yesterday during the long run and are still twinging away today. If they would only go away and let me put in a few more decent tempo and long interval workouts, then a restful taper, I would have cause to feel optimistic that I will be strong and ready and rearing to go on race day. But if they don't clear...God only knows how ugly it might get out there.

Mon: 8 km easy
Tue: 16 km lower aerobic @ 4:40/km
Wed: 17 km easy + 4 x 1600 m (6:06, 6:07, 5:54, 6:04) with 400 m recovery
Thur: 12 km following hill program on treadmill. Bloody tough! HRav=146!
Fri: 15 km three laps of the palace: easy, easy/lower, lower/upper
Sat: 12 km on treadmill (typhoon day), attempted tempo run, but treadmill max pace 16 km/h (3:45 min/km) did not get my heart rate up to threshold values. Highest it got was low 150s...puh!
Sun: 37 km seven laps of the Palace + 2km easy jog before and after. First four laps easy, around 5:00/km or a bit slower, then three at increased pace, around 4:40. These hurt a bit.
Week: 118 km
MTD: 453 km
(now 463 ... can he make 500 for October?)


Ewen said...

I thought that was shaping as a good week. 37 the day after a hard 12 is always going to be a test.

With some luck, this 'ugly problem' will go the way of your other niggles prior to race day.

Of course you're right about listening to your body and not chasing numbers (although what about your extra bit today to make 10k!). 9 hours seems eminently doable. I'd like to think the weekly numbers are 'just a guide', although, for me, 100k/400 per month has a strange attraction.

I should remember Steve Scott, who was regarded as a 100 mile per week runner, yet averaged 'only' 77.2 miles in '81. Maybe if he'd run more, his 28:28 would have been faster... then again, his 3:32.33 1500 wasn't too shabby.

Scott said...

Since I've known you Steve you haven't had such a long spell of uninterrupted good training. And with the weight coming off the odds look better for a fast marathon.

As for that "on-going pain" in the "lower right back and lower abdomen just above the pubis."
just be grateful it is not just below the pubis!! now that "might get ugly" so to speak ;)

2P said...

What an awesome month - pain or no pain you are set for a mighty marathon!

To quote Lao Tzu - to view the plain first you must scale the mountain - and you my friend are peaking in so many ways - onwards and upwards :-)

Tesso said...

Pain pain go away, come again another day ... like after the marathon.

Woohoo - 500! Can't wait to find out whether you got there or not.