Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Sunday's long run

Well, it's already two days past now, but Sunday's long run went very well. Don't get me wrong, I felt fairly beat up at the end of it, but I got to 20 km feeling in reasonable shape. But by 22 km, before turning the horses for the run home, I did feel tired. Heading out of the park I tried to keep the pace up towards 5:10 to 5:00/km and by the time I got home was well spent. It felt just like the right long run for the stage I'm at. Fatigue-inducing but bearable.

Unfortunately, after the run I had to peddle very fast on some work in preparation for a meeting today (Tuesday). Preparing for that damn thing, plus other commitments, kept me very busy right through until late last night, and as a result I had to forego my beloved Tuesday morning run. I nearly got up and did it on 5-hours sleep, but decided against it. With the meeting out of the way I will run this evening instead.

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