Friday, September 08, 2006

Quick Ketchup

I've missed a few days, so will need to do a quick catchup.

Tuesday PM: as reported two posts back, work got in the way of my Tuesday morning run. I ended up running home with a lap around Gaien Jingu Picture Gallery (as Satohi tells me it is called) for spot on 10 km at average pace of 5:26/km and average HR of 72%.

Wednesday AM: Run to work 8.7 km at an average pace of 5:17/km, also average HR of 72% (interesting contrast to last night -- I think I did fair stretch of very slow stuff up hill last night)

Wednesday PM: 16 km of mostly easy-steady pace but 4 km at 4:33/km and 2 km at 4:15/km.

Thursday PM: 5 km recovery around Gosho

Friday AM: Got up at 5:30 am feeling tired. Thought I might run my normal Tueday workout of home to Komazawa park plus three laps of Komazawa with the third lap at 80% HRmax. But when I got going, well, I just couldn't get going. I felt tired and a bit stiff and just couldn't increase the intensity tot the point needed. So I decided not to run the third lap and just keep the pace with my heart rate in the mid 70% of HRmax range. It was still a reasonably tough run to get through. It was just under 12 km and my watch was stopped on exactly 1:00:00 for a 5:05/km average pace and average 73% of HRmax.


zihuatanejo said...

The venue where you and I ran the place called Meiji Jingu Gaien Kaigakan in Japanese, so does it make sense as Jingu Gaien Picture Garelly, doesn't it? Also I remember that somebody says like that! Please refer the URL to see some pics, it's nice.

Ewen said...

Great you can get Big Red in Japan Steve - just like home!

2P said...

Nice saucy post Steve ;-)