Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Off & running into another week

I seem to be constantly falling behind in blog posts at the moment.

My last entry was for last Friday morning, a not very enjoyable run that one. Friday night I went to a networking party and had a few drinks. Saturday morning I was not really hungover, but felt a bit grotty in the tummy. This has been a common feeling of late, and I don't know if there is a condition or it is a lifestyle thing, what with eating (and drinking?) too late and getting up too early. Anyway, I only ran about 8 km, but included a few loops of my hill at Aobadai.

Sunday was long-run day. It was back to being hot and humid again. I thought it was supposed to be autumn! A number of us converged on Yoyogi Park and struggled our way through our set assignments. I managed 28.5 km in a time that doesn't bear talking about much. It was one of those runs that since it didn't kill us, it had bloody better have made us stronger because there was really no fun at all in actually doing it! It gave me 89.8 km for the week.

Monday was rest day, but once I got up and about noticed I had a fairly sharp little pain in my left rear thoigh (I found this typo, but decided to leave it -- it is Australian for "thigh"). Same general area as I've had problems through summer, but in a different area. I had to jog a few times to catch Walk signals during the day and it didn't hurt much. Seemed to hurt more when walking.

So I decided to just press on with the program this morning and got up and into it for the usual 14-km run to Komazawa Park + 3 laps and home. My heart rate monitor strap has been chafing the hell out of my back, so I left it at home. It was a tired and wonky old start to the run, including two pit stops by about half way. I was almost going to cut it short and just run easily home, but somehow I warmed into it and finished pretty strongly. The leg was noticeable but not worrying me much. In the end it was a little quicker overall than I have done this run for a while, so I was not too unhappy.

I was having a look back over my logbook from last year. I am currently weeks behind where I was at this stage last year. I already had several 30+ km runs under my belt and was pumping out quite a bit more mileage through the week. Still, that can't be helped and I am not going to try and play catchup (ketchup?)


Tesso said...

So, are you doing Ohtawara Mara? Or just counting down to it for fun :-)

2P said...

You look stronger ;-)

Clairie said...

Steve, you sound more aware of your body - or is that just the posts have become more detailed over time?

How long now until the marathon - what date is it? Can you put an English link up to is so we can see.

Oh and yes I definitely agree with not playing with the tomato sauce!!

Take care and hope that thoigh repairs itself.