Saturday, September 16, 2006

Missed a run and not happy, Jan

Work took me out of town yesterday and I had to be on a shinkansen at 8:04 am. I was only going to Odawara and was sitting down with my client by 9:00. The Shinkansen took only 30 minutes from Shinagawa, but by local train it takes 1 hour 30!

I thought it was cutting it fine to try and fit in a run before leaving (plus I'd had a hard one Thursday night) and took some running gear with me in case I could find a sento anear rthe station and run in Odawara. Alas, the meeting went longer than scheduled and blah, blah, blah, I couldn't manage a Friday run. Pretty disappoined to be honest. I'm really playing the log-those-miles game at the moment. Achieved just under 90 last week, up only a few km on the week before. So the target was to get up over 90 this week. But missing a day made it pretty hard. I managed 14 today (plus a piddly little 1.8 km jog in regular clothes in the afternoon), so will need more than 30 to get over 90 for the week. Fuggedaboutit.

I did think about trying to make up the lost km this morning, but decided it is dumb to try and catch up. With the fresher legs I did do more than my last few Saturdays though: 14 km up to Komazawa park, 3 laps and back. My lower back was very stiff and restricted my running. Not too bad once I got warmed up, but awful early. After getting to the park I did six reps of 500 m hard with about 2 minutes recovery in between. It's funny how when I'm running that hard my legs just seem to melt away beneath me. Not a hint of pain; in fact, it really is like they are not even attached to my body. As soon as I slowed back to recovery pace, bloody legs start yipping and yapping. That's marathon training I suppose.

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2P said...

LOL - I had to google shinkansen

Playing the log-those-miles game can be the start of a very slippery slope my friend (lol I should know). Just be sure you listen to your body occasionally.

Don't want you getting the bullet :-)