Sunday, April 30, 2006

Picked up a prize!

My team in at the Inagi Ekiden today came 1st in the men's veterans category. Yeeeayy! It wasn't a very big field, but still nice. I passed a few people during my (third) leg, and I am sure at least one of them was a veteran's. I ran 11:22 for the 3 km, which included a very stiff little hill and a lot of tight twists and turns. A really enjoyable small ekiden. 2P, my average heart rate was, guess what: 94%! I'll probably write a bit more about this race tomorrow.


2P said...

FWIW I think 94% is about right for a 3k ;-)


Nice run Steve and congratulations on the win! You should get crook more often!

Gary Moller said...

Love your interesting blog.
You might like to have a look at mine and its associated website, which is packed full of information about health and fitness.

Wishing you ongoing good health,

Ewen said...

Congrats on the win Steve. A good 3k leg too.

When you say 94%, have you had your max HR tested or is that just 220 - age?

Stephen Lacey said...

Hi Ewen,

I haven't had it laboratory tested, but I have used a number of self-tests plus also checking max HR at the end of a 5k race (or similar) to arrive at a HRmax. For me, 220-age would be 177. But from the very first attempts I was at 183 or 184. I held onto this for a while, but with the new (better?) heart rate monitor, I have had it up to 186 on a couple of occasions now. In fact the max HR registered during the ekiden yesterday was 185. So I am comfortable enough using 186.

I'm off for a run now!


Tesso said...

Congrats Steve. Looking forward to hearing a little more detail about the race.

I was thinking maybe rather than calculating your max heartrate from 220-age one should calculate age from 220-maxheartrate. That would make you 34 :-)

Stephen Lacey said...

I love that Tess. In fact you are dead right. I am 34. I am I am Iam!!!

Superflake said...

Congrats Stephen.Always good to pick up a trophy no matter how small the race