Saturday, April 29, 2006

First run since last Sunday; footpod 'spurment

With an ekiden looming tomorrow and the dark cloud of the lurgy finally starting to move on, I decided to get out for a run this afternoon. I did a little experiment with the footod. I put the footpod on the shoes I'll wear tomorrow. Then I used the Gmap pedometer to carefully measure the loop from home that I have previously measured at 3.3 km. Sure enough, it came up again as 3.31 km. So for the first lap I did a footpod calibration at a fairly brisk pace, probably about 4:20/km. For the second lap, with the footpod now calibrated over the entire loop (less 10 m to allow for the 0.1 in 3.31), I ran exacty the same route at a very similar pace. Result: 3.33 km, 0.6% percent error. For the next lap I slowed down to about 5:00/km pace. Result: 3.39 km, 2.4% error. That is still quite acceptable, but it does seem to suggest that the calibration is somewhat dependent on the pace at which you do the calibration run. Which is something to keep in mind.

The run was OK, but I am definitely not at my peak, as you would expect after very little running for the past two weeks. Average heart rate for the second loop was 84% (pace 4:22/km). At my marathon peak last November, 85% was yielding sub 4:10/k pace. So, now I have four weeks to try and get into sub 18:00 5k shape for the company ekiden. That's an interesting little challenge.


2P said...

Good to see you running again Steve.

ShoreTurtle said...

I've noticed the same differences with my footpod. Good luck!

Rachel said...

Good to see you are over the lurgy. It won't take long to get back your form.

Keren_m said...

The lurgy (or lurgi) is Commonwealth English slang for an unspecified contagious disease, generally one considered inconvenient and non-fatal with obvious symptoms, such as Gastroenteritis or the Common cold. Particularly violent strains are often referred to as "The Dreaded Lurgy". Phrases like "I've got the lurgy" are commonly heard when somebody is explaining why they cannot attend a social occasion, come to work etc.

Steve, I had never heard this word used before, so I had to look it up. You learn something new every day!

And congats for the ekiden.

plu said...

Interesting reading. You were right about the extra laps ...the lap thing being trigger by myself. I was heading towards the same conclusion as I read the manual. I have set the auto lap to 1km and will be interested to see how it works. Now the light comes on for me when I swipe the chest thing.

cheers Plu