Tuesday, April 03, 2007


Wow, this is one lazy, unmotivated runner's blog you are looking at right now. I ran a whopping 17 km the week after Arakawa. Somehow I racked up 60 km last week. But none of it had much quality or enthusiasm about it. Just a couple of commutes to and from work, bit of this, bit of that. No long run. And quite a bit of beer drinking in between. Generally I am happy as long as my weight is under 74 kg. This morning I jumped on the scales and it was ...76!! So I am definitely having a bit of a down period. I probably need it. Or that's what I keep telling myself anyway.

Today is Tuesday. I was quite prepared to do my regular early Tuesday run this morning, but a damn deadline got in the way, keeping up until 1:30 in the morning and then had to get up at 7:30 and get straight back on the job to get it done by 10:00. Grrr...

So tonight I went to the gym. My company bought some tickets and I use one every now and then. Having both swim-wear and gym-wear on board I decided as I was walking over there that I would do a "triathlon". So I swam a kilometer in 19 minutes (first time I've swum proper laps in several years, so I was reasonably pleased with that) and then had a slow transition to the "bike" upstairs in the studio. I did 15 km on the spinnie thingie in about 25 minutes. Does that sound right? I think there might have been a bit of extra time and distance cooling down a bit. Then I jumped on a treadmill and did 6 km. Man, those treadmills are weird things. Five minutes per km (12 km/h) feels like some kind of crazy, dangerous speed freak thing ... gunna get thrown off any minute ... but then you realize that the breathing is very comfortable, so, oh yeah, I guess it isn't so fast after all. I ended up getting the thing up to 14 km/h for five or ten minutes and finally 14.5 km/h for the last half a k and then a bit of a cool down. I definitely need to learn how to use the dang things properly.

So, that's my first, and maybe last, triathlon.

I have also been getting a bit behind with blog reading. Generally I am reading, but not finding much time to comment. So apologies me hearties. Bloody Pharyngula keeps backing up ... I can't believe he can churn out 6 to 10 blog posts a day as well as be a high-powered uni professor fighting the good fight. The Chimpanzee Refuge gets the better of me at times too. Bloody Kevin Beck .. should stop haranguing fundies and get out running more ;-) ... plus I've added to me burden by subscribing to half a dozen beer blogs (as well as starting my own, which is stuttering like this one just now). But certainly life is not what I would call empty...


Tesso said...

Oh no, you'll be talking brick sessions soon.

Must admit I'm pleased you are having or have had a little bit of a break from running. Its been such a big few months for you. Not to mention I expect it won't be long and you will be lecturing me and telling me to do the same :)

I know how you feel about blogs, I've started reading a stack of music ones lately, its time consuming though most are worth it (especially Billy Bragg's).

mpluss said...

HI Steve,

Not a bad 19 minute swim..that is moving well. Might have another triathlete emerging. Many tris in Japan?


Ingo said...

Fat beer drinking bastard! Get back on the road and stop whining! Will kick your butt on the track tonight ;-)

Clairie said...

Yeah I'm with Ingo! :)

Seriously just cruise for a while. don't train, don't blog and soon enough you'll come back to us.

We all need a break.

Right now the whole blog thing is really unmotivating for me. I don't have any training to blog. I just run when I can - that simple. Who wants to read that. On the other hand for some strange reason pregnancy blogs are very interesting right now heh heh

don't ever feel pressured about commenting on everyones blog. We know you're out there and the comments are great but you never want it to be a chore.

Chill Steve, keep enjoying the life - but for heavens sake GIVE UP THE BEER OR THE BELLY WILL GET THE BETTER OF YOU!!!

Ewen said...

No, don't give up the beer and start training seriously... I want you up around 90kg so I can keep up.

If that was your only tri, you should have at least done 2.4/112/26.2.

AZ said...

You know I experience the same thing on my treadmill here at home. Feels like I'm going fast but the readout says I'm going slow. My HR tells me that I'm working harder than the pace it is telling me. Just a function of treadmill running? Wrong calibration? I don't know.

Keren_m said...

Well to the world of real athletes! Not a bad effort for an old bugger!