Sunday, April 22, 2007

A low-key week

I had a very funny old week of running last week. Or more to the point, very little running. Only Wednesday night and Sunday (today). But I managed close on 25k today.The lack of running on other days was de to a combination of low motivation, yuck weather, and feeling a little bit off-colour, esecially on Friday. I also squeezed in a swim on Tuesday night. So I suppose it wasnt all sloth.

One bit of good news is that I was able to patch back together most of my missing running data from a couple of different sources. I've lost some of the details, like 1-km splits from Arakawa and Tokyo, but I have the total distances and times of all runs, so at least my monthly and annual tallies are still in-tact. No luck with the device though, so that's a few passwords down the drain.

I hope to run a bit more often this week, so we shall see.


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Ingo said...

You know what, I am so not worried about your running actually. You're such an experienced marathoner and a little cyclical down-time is exactly the sort of thing that will make you able to run until you're a really old fart. That's what most newbies still have to learn if they don't want to run themseslves into the ground.