Wednesday, April 04, 2007

The chronicler of the seasons

I have linked to Shoji-san's blog before when he had a set of neat photos up. Well, it's cherry blossom time here, so I guess he must have taken some good pics. Oh yes, so he has! A number of them in our Yoyogi Park.


Pete said...

What a great time to be in Tokyo! Did I read somewhere that it snowed recently though? We're having a winter storm here, but that's not unusual.


Tesso said...

Wow, lurvley.

Carol was asking about you this morn and I told her you were too busy drinking beer to blog :-)

Clairie said...

Cherry Blossoms just light up the world don't they? How beautiful is that!!!

Ewen said...

Where are the footsteps of the runners?

The leaves are just starting to turn down here - should be spectacular for the marathon weekend.

Scott said...

The blossoms down here seem to be a little later opening this year.
Been a cooler than usual down here, how about there?

What are you planning for you next race? I hope we haven't completely lost you to beer.

Tuggeranong Don said...

That's a beaut photo and I know that Japan is a delight in the spring.

Well done on your Arakawa Marathon effort by the way. It might have been one of you slower runs but I would give anything to go sub 3.10 for my next marathon.