Friday, April 27, 2007

A 5k time trial

Considering how little I have been running since Arakawa Marathon (March 18) I think I did alright to record a 18:43 for the 5k time trial on Wednesday evening. But then again, it is the first time trial I have done in a long time, so I can't really gauge how good or bad it was compared to recent performances. I guess the most telling thing is that it is a fair way off my low 18:00 best form. But I can't even regard myself as in training for anything at the moment, so it was really just a state of the nation assessment. The weather is about to start warming up, so soon all heart rate and pace assessments are going to be shot to pieces anyway.

Also ran about 10 km on Tuesday morning and 11.5 km yesterday afternoon, mostly slow, but 5k at upper aerobic pace. I'm resting today. We have a long weekend coming up with Inagi Ekiden, only 3-km legs, on Monday. More of a social day out with the Namban gang than anything else. Though I was in the winning masters team last year, for which we received a nice bright-red Saucony long-sleeve top. We do not have quite the same class of team this year, but we will give it a shot.


Tesso said...

Nice work on the 5k. That's not even 10secs a km off your best form. Gotta be happy with that!

2P said...

Nice work on the TT Steve that is a pretty sharp time indeed.