Friday, February 16, 2007

Sunday's weather forecast

This is the forecast for Sunday folks. Just ya regular Japanese weather forecast. Non polyglots, stay with it to the end for the English edition.


Scott said...

Well they do call me "Rain man" and it aint because I'm and idiot savant.

Robert Song said...

Good luck for Sunday.

Tesso said...

Fantastic! That would even make the drought look like fun :-)


Ewen said...

Damn, I was hoping for 'the weather girl'. Don't forget the Bodyglide if it's gonna rain.

Goof luck! Take with you a few of those thousands of motivational words from Clairie.

Only 16 hours, 35 minutes and 58 seconds to go!

Clairie said...

You will be out there running now....almost at the 10km mark - still fresh and enjoying the run. LIkely just about warmed up!!!

I'm thinking of you.

Seriously....I am so dead nervous for you - but I couldn't say that until AFTER you started.

Cant wait to hear all the good and bad stuff. Run Well.

Clairie said...

I am anxiously awaiting further updates.....,

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