Friday, February 16, 2007

4 x 1 km

Got out of bed at 6 this morning and ran a total of 7.7 km, of which most was pretty easy, but also four lots of 1-km repeats at race pace on the same stretch of road where I did eight of them last Saturday. The pace was not actually very consistent, but that's OK, they were there or abouts. Near the end of the last one I encountered an old woman who'd just fallen off her bicycle. Silly old cow almost made me lose my stride. No, just kidding, I helped her up with the bike and made sure she was OK. A thousand sumimasens later I was able to finish the last 150 m of the rep.

So I think I might be about done and dusted. Thanks for all the good wishes folks. One of us will try to get on a computer or mobile phone with email in the afternoon to post the results. I will be sure to give Scott a punch in the guts for you, ladies. I'll probably wait until after the marathon if that's OK.

1 comment:

Scott said...

I reckon I'm not as big/tall as you Stephen so I might just slip one into the back around the kidney area before you see me as if you hit me first I may not be able to respone in kind. Hope I get the right guy.