Tuesday, February 06, 2007

Couldn't Keep it Up

My heart rate that is.

I have to dash for a Shinkansen now, but just very quickly wanted to blog that my heart rate test run just keeps getting more unbelievable each week. This morning I had to really reall work to get my heart rate up. The heart rate test lap was an incredible 8:44.. .Sorry will update later with the comparisons from previous weeks, but I thought last week was fast, this is getting towards 4:05/km pace.

14 km in 1:04:56

Finished hard at a heart rateof 153. It took exactly 54 seconds for my heart rate to fall to 90 when I stopped.

I'm feeling pretty upbeat just now.


2P said...

Or is that "slow beat" :-)

Mate lookin good.

Clairie said...

Couldn't keep it up heh?
....and now we won't be able to keep you down...or hold you back.

Mate lookin good

(in the wise words of 2P)

Luckylegs said...

I'll change it round a bit to 'good lookin'!

You were right - it's Incey Wincey! I had to think too far back in time! Stay well.

Ewen said...

That's good news Steve. You should try another test the day before Tokyo ;)

You might need a lower HR for the test if you've got to work that hard.

I use 138, or 83.6% of max. Still fairly easy to get to it - probably means I'm not fit!

Scott said...

I'm taking you off the list of "walking wounded heading towards Tokyo" that you mentioned a couple of months ago.

Who'd of thought you'd be in this position back then? Whatever happens on the race day you've got to be happy with what you've learned from this build up.

Stay healthy.

plu said...

Keep the heart rate stuff coming I am learning a lot.