Sunday, February 04, 2007

35 km and a Japanese icon

Well, I did my planned 32 km run. The running pod reckons it was 34.8 km, but we all know that I would never break my word and run more than I planned, so it must have really been only 32 km ;-) . Running time: 2:51
Average pace: 4:54
Average heart rate 134

It was a pretty good run. I left home just before 8 am. It was a glorious sunny cool day of about 4 or 5 degrees. I made a beeline for Tama river (7.2 km @ 5:10/km). Then ran down river for 10.3 km @ 5:00/km. As I turned to head back up river there in front of me was Mt Fuji standing proud over the skyline. I'd never seen her quite so clearly and large from Tokyo. She was a feature of the view to my left or straight ahead for the 10.3 km back up river (@4:47/km avg). Notice I'd picked up the pace a bit there and the run was unfolding as I'd planned and I was feeling good. Then I turned for home for the final 7.2 km. I really worked hard at this and in long stretches had my pace down around the 4:15/km. There are a few uphills and other slow bits, so the final average pace for that section was only 4:36/km, but I was still happy with the strong finish.

I rewarded myself with a smoothy with a banana, two eggs, and small tub of ice cream. Yum.

So that's it. Final long run in the bag and nothing left now but to taper and start freshening up. Which means I'm off for a 7.5 km recovery this morning.

Footnote to Ewen: I actually like all my aunts as well, but was grasping at straws for a suitable metaphor.


Ewen said...

Aunts are fair game Stephen. I'm sure they'd be chuffed if they read your blog ;)

That was a beautiful long run. Close to perfect for a last one. So glad it went well. Couldn't have failed to, with Mt Fuji looking over you.

I'll leave the taper advice and motivation to Clairie. Go girl!

Clairie said...

I am very excited to read your blog and see that your last long run went so smoothly, felt great, gave you good endorphins, was at a solid pace and with no mention of injury.

It all just seems to perfect.

Hope you enjoyed the smoothie, it was obviously deserved.

Okay now lets move on. 12 more sleeps until race day. Enough time to injure yourself or get sick or get hit by a bus. So WATCH OUT for all of the above and eat sensibly. Time to put the beer obsession to one side and dream of how good it will all taste when you have completed the race.

Go to bed each night visualising the course. For the next few nights visualise the are you going to feel, what is it going to be like going out...what if you get held up behind others, what if you had a bad nights sleep the night before....go through it all and work out how you will cope and react to the different scenarios.

Visualise the first few kms and what times you will be doing and where abouts on the course you will be at each milestone.

Then go back to the start and do it again.

I can't believe it is so close now....take care!

Tesso said...

Ah, so that's how Clairie does it :-)

Great stuff Steve, that run has to be a real confidence builder. The work has been done now, time to relax. Hard to believe its only 13 days, it seems like yesterday you told us all via the blog you were running Tokyo.

2P said...

Nuffin stoopid from now on.... cotton wool time.

Nice run mate ;-)