Sunday, August 20, 2006

Nod to a fellow Namban-jin

Quite a few of the Japanese members of Namban have blogs. Only TRD and zihuatanejo consistently post in English, but I still subscribe to them all in Bloglines. I can sometimes read or get the gist of some of the Japanese ones, for example, Riedon always has something funny and quirky to say, like the fact that she has been losing a lot at mahjang and pachinko-slotto lately, but still manages to run up a storm as she faces down the Sapporo Marathon next Sunday.

The one blog I really enjoy, without reading a word (sorry, Shoji) is RunShimo. Owner Shoji is a professional photographer and is extremely effective in getting out into the Japanese countryside for his beloved trail and adventure runs. He admires wildflowers and he definitely admires a bit of good tucker. The result of this combination is that his posts are often populated with the most gorgeous and envy-evoking photographs such as those on offer in recent days, should you like to wander over there now. He usually asks all and sundry to join him on his adventures, but alas, family and work commitments seem to always keep me too closely bound to Tokyo. At least next week we will get down to the foothills of Mount Fuji for the Fire Festival and road race. That should be a lark.


Ewen said...

I like Riedon's blog pet - very Japanese. I guess the cartoon of the cloud means the weather will be cloudy tomorrow!

Tesso said...

Great pics on Shoji's blog!