Wednesday, August 02, 2006

Digital TV on the Mobile Phone

Speaking of technology, a digital television service for mobile phones was released in Japan fairly recently. Someone in our family (I won't say who, but it isn't me) got one of the compatible phones from Vodafone the other day. I have to say, the picture is razor sharp, and according to the boss, the service doesn't cost a yen. Pretty cool huh. When it was brought home Shrek was on TV. So we had it on both the main TV and the phone, and the only difference was the phone was about four seconds behind. Oh, I see from this article that the service is only free while they trial it. Oh well...I bet those phones are walking out of the shops, what with all the time people spend commuting and all.
Another blurb about it here.

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KIT said...

Sorry to hear about the knee! I have been really slack with commenting on blogs... I hope you are well and are back into running soon :-)