Tuesday, August 29, 2006

Dominated by DOMS*

I couldn't believe how stiff and sore my legs became as yesterday wore on. Especially my right quad and shin. I gave them a bit of a rub before bed and set the clock for 5:30 without much hope of achieving a decent run.

I managed to get up and fought off contra-thoughts like "let's just do 5 km now and maybe another 5k later" and headed off on my normal Tuesday route. Every step on my right leg brought pain, but it was bearable and my pace was close to normal. In the end I did a normal 14-km Tuesday run at only one minute slower than last week. My heart rate was a little bit high on the third lap of Komazawa, but basically it was OK. This was a good sign for my motivation. I think things are looking up if I can just get some more consistency now into my running. I definitely have to bring in a 5-8k recovery run on Thursday and no more missing Saturdays.

* DOMS = delayed onset muscle soreness and is regarded as being a result of micro-tears in muscles resulting from over-exertion.


Ewen said...

Ah, DOMS. I dream of being able to achieve it.

Clairie said...

It took a while to come through but I eventually got your comments.

Thanks for taking the time to discuss your opinion and I do agree with you. I never eat before training or a race but the half and full obviously I do.

I think the half I was eating as I would the full marathon and that doesnt work for me....so I learnt that lesson.

The gu sometimes helps me when I can't get enough fluid in. I find it hard to race at sub 4:30 pace and still drink from plastic cups without dropping time...hence the gu seems to pick me up when it may just be that I am dehydrated?

I normally only have a gu when I run for a half but was testing a new one and this race was like a simulator for a real race as it was a Championship run..I had a positive experience though so may try it again.

I like to try new things when my racing is very blah....it helps me blame it on things other than my running. That and it also gives me some excitement - something different to try from run to run.

Take care Stephen - hope the DOMS is gone now.

Luckylegs said...

Long while since visiting your blog, Stephen. Loved the photos of the Fire Festival Road Race. Seems like Ewen envies you the DOMS! You could send him a small sample to keep him happy!

2P said...

Ha!!! Welcome to my world :-)