Sunday, July 16, 2006

Me Yokozuna!

Two weeks ago I mentioned in passing that I had been to judge in a home brewing competition into which I had also made a couple of entries. Today was the award ceremony and party. So I dutifully took myself off in the knowledge from advance notice by email that my beer had won its category (naturally, I had not judged that category!)

Well at the award-giving, there was a big surprise in store as my California steam beer was awarded the Yokozuna, or Beer of Show, award. The prize is pretty amazing: one batch of my recipe will be made at Loco Beer, a commercial brewery in Chiba. I also got a trophy of a traditional Japanese carving of a bear with a salmon in its gob (see photos). I'm a happy chappy. The award party was good fun with lots of great home brew to try.

Running hasn't been great these past couple of days. I did not mention that my left knee got a bit sore during intervals last Wednesday. It stayed sore during Thursday and Friday runs--a sort of general soreness, but more towards the rear of the knee. The weather has remained hot, and Saturday (yesterday) was in fact in the high 30s all over the Tokyo region. With sore knee, hot weather, a need to go into work, and a bit of a tummy upset, I didn't even attempt to run. This morning I thought I felt better and the weather was slightly cooler (about 29 degrees!). There was a charity run for Africa at the Imperial Palace, but I was just not in good enough condition to get going and get over there in time. I did venture out a bit after 9:00, but it was mistake. I didn't feel great right from the start and then suffered with stomach cramps and only ran about 14 km. The hot weather? I don't know, I just know it hurt and made for a very unpleasant run, especially when I had to duck into the dunny a couple of times and then walk at other times until the tummy pain settled down. I think I need a few days break from running for the knee and also to see if this tummy problem sorts itself out.

But hey, who cares, I'm a Yokozuna!!


Keren_m said...

Count me in for a 6 pack. Will your brew
assume the mantle of Namban Rengo's offical brew from Yona Yona? Well done old chap!

go girl said...

Congrat's on the beer brew competition. Nice prizes too.

I hope the niggles and the upset tummy sort themselves out soon for you. Sounds like the heat is becoming difficult to run in.

Tesso said...

Kongurachure-shonzu Steve!!!

Wow, that's exciting stuff. Love the bear trophy. Do you get to design a label?

Hope the running problems go away soon. Meanwhile maybe you can get working on a new beer recipe for next years comp.

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