Sunday, July 09, 2006


I managed to rack up a healthy amount of kilometers (84) this past week. There were 8.5 km home on Thursday night, and 8.8 km back again on Friday morning. I went out for 10 km yesterday morning in the sweltering heat and humidity, and managed to somehow turn it into 14.5 km. I was then lethargic and dopey for the rest of the day, with the most active thing I did being to watch DVDs with Kohta and his four girlfriends that invited themselves round (noisy little critters they were too). Believe me when I tell you that we watched Yellow Submarine, and later, after the girls (fnally) left we watched the Born Free and Living Free couplet. A bit of cultural back tracking.

This morning I was up early enough and got dressed and headed off to Yoyogi Park. After the extra km yesterday, I would have been happy enough with 20 km, but things went alright, if slowly, and I managed to grind out 26 km in 2 hours 29 minutes. But again, the rest of the day was not exactly a picture of energy. I did manage to vacuum the apartment, then it was more DVD watching (My Dog Skip) with the three boys.

Not looking forward to work tomorrow. I have some deadlines on a couple of projects bearing down on me that are raising the stress levels. Several weeks have gone by without enough forward progress, and this week is crunch time. Let's hope this past two days have been a case of re-charging the batteries and steeling the loins for a full-on assault.

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2P said...

If I had steel loins I'd probably be a grumblebum too....