Wednesday, July 26, 2006

I kneeded that

After three days of no running and a fair bit of stretching and massage my knee felt a lot better today. But then the old twinges in the upper thigh were back. So I think somehow it is all tied in together -- left lumbar, down into rear thigh, into knee, and then even the achilles in that leg is a little tender. Meanwhile the right leg feels like it is made of solid titanium. Anyway, I took myself off on the regular Wednesday routine of sento and then...whatever. I decided to just run easy in the park. I was going to be happy if I got in 5 km, but in the end managed ana easy 10 or 11. The knee did get a bit sore (it is kind of a dull generalised ache rather than an acute pain) towards the end. But I was encouraged to think that if I just continue to rest it and run every two or three days, with stretching and massage, it might come good.


go girl said...

I hope the knee comes good for you soon Steve. Has the heat subsided a bit yet?

Tesso said...

Sounds like you are on to something with that 'easy does it' approach. Have you seen anyone (eg physio) about it?