Monday, December 31, 2007

A meeting of blog minds

One of the great meetings of blogging minds occurred over this past weekend. Ewen came up from Canberra to stay with a friend, Bruce, not so very far from where I am staying. On the Saturday afernoon Bruce took us for a run around the Harbour foreshore from Little Sirrius Cove around Bradleys Head and back to where we started. A nice easy 6 km with some special views over the harbour, including the site of where one of the Japanese mini-submarines was caught during WW2. After the run we went for a swim in a harbourside pool (MacCallum Pool) at Cremorne (where I had dumped off a carload of kids prior to our run; everybody happy).

Yesterday morning I set off from Chatswood at 6:50 for a 7:30 appointment with Ewen at the steps onto the Harbour Bridge at Milsons Point. I made a wrong turn and had to stop to take a load off my mind and was therefore running (literally) a bit late). Some 4:15/k mileage down the hill from Crows Nest to Milsons Point made up time and I was only 5 min late.

We ran across the bridge on what was an absolutely perfect Sydney morning. Deep blue skies, barely a cloud to be seen. A warmish 23 to 25 degrees, but lowish humidity. Extremely comfortable as far as I was concerned. The Harbour was a deep dark blue and sparkling in all its glory, the Opera House sails gleaming bright and the colours of everything blaring loud in the lurid sun. Tokyo's charms are subtle and lie beyond its drab physical appearance. Sydney hits you between the eyes like a sledgehammer with her gaudy glamour, "Here I am baby, look at me!"

Ewen took me for a tour of various sections of the noted Sydney race courses such as the Sydney Marathon and Half as well as the Blackmore's Half and the start of the City to Surf. We ran around the Rocks, around the Opera House, around the Botanic Gardens and Mrs macquaries Chair, past the Art Gallery and through Hyde park before making our way back to the Bridge and Milsons Point. Back at Milsons Point Ewen called Plu (his blog URL not at hand) and we had a chat for 5 minutes or so, which was great.

I then ran back up the hill to Chatswood to finish with 32 fantastic kilometers in 2 hours 52 minutes. Just the run to get the long runs happening again and a priceless experience to boot. I think Ewen will be posting photos at his place in due course.


Scott said...

What I wouldn't have done to have been a fly on Ewens back during that run!

As I write this the wind is howling 4 degrees with the ocassional snow flurry. The charms of Osaka, at this time of year are very "subtle" indeed!

All the best for the New Year Stephen.

Tesso said...

New time you see Ewen make sure you give him the traditional blogger's punch in the belly!


Ewen said...

Scott, we were running so fast the flies were doing well to hang onto my back!

Steve, the photos are up - nothing subtle about the best looking bloke in front of the bridge. I'll email you the more subtle one of the lizard on the rock and your silhouette in front of the Sydney skyline.

Thanks for the run mate. Hopefully you can return the favour at Komazawa Park one day. In autumn or spring!

Clairie said...

I think it is wonderful that the friendships in our virtual world of blogs can cross that line and develop into the spirited friendships that I have come to expect from all my running friends.

We are a great group of peoples are we???

Good on Ewen for coming up for the run. I am sure you both thoroughly enjoyed the run and the company.

Luckylegs said...

Would have loved to had the chance to meet you Steve, while you were in Sydney. Ewen filled me in on all the running activities....I hope you only got lost that once!