Friday, December 21, 2007

End of an era

I am in the last few hours in my present job. In fact, as soon as I pack up some books and clean off my computer, I am out of here.

Last week at our end of year party, which doubled as a farewell, I was given a tiny little package of crepe paper wrapped up with a ribbon. When I opened it I was just knocked, over, flabbergasted and reduced to a near blubbering mess. It was a little booklet done up in Photoshop by the lovely Kaori from one of our sister companies, B&C. It chronicled the six years I have been in the company, mostly with photos from our annual company ekiden, but also two trips we went on and various shots around the office, not to mention Kaorin's artwork. It was pretty hard to compose myself to make any kind of speech, tired and emotional as I already was, but I think I managed to blurt out a few rounds of "honto ni arigato gozaimashita!"

Here is a quick sample of what it contained:

If anybody in Japan is in the market for a tribute type booklet, portfolio, or any type of package like this, get in touch with B&C. They are great!


Anonymous said...

They REALLY love you!
What a present.


zihuatanejo said...

Otsukare-chan Mr. Cangaroo!

MilesandMiles said...

wow, you must feel very succesful being so appreciated!

Ewen said...

Mr Cangaroo! I'll have to remember that one Steve.

That's a great tribute. I'm glad to hear you weren't too choked up to blurt out "the beers are on me".

I don't have your email ads... when you're in Chatswood, give my mate Bruce a call - 0294 198227 or mobile 0402 236692 to line up a run with him or the group. He's in Artarmon, about 15mins walk from downtown Chatswood.

Tesso said...

How cute. What a great pressie.

Scott said...

Hey Stephen

Thanks for the advice vis a vis the gels think it definitely helped.

That is a great going away gift. One thing about working and living here, that I like and I'm sure you do to is that the Japanese are generally gentle, thoughtful and sensitive to others and when you are/have been a part of the team they will look after you now and always.

Still, how a rough Aussie like yourself manages to be so popular is unkown to me ;)