Monday, August 27, 2007

Weekly washup

Mon: 7.8 km easy (4:54/km; HRav=71% of HRmax)
Tue: 14.25 km lower aerobic (4:40/km; 74%)
Wed: 7.8 km warm up/cool down
Wed: 9.7 km upper aerobic (4:40/km; 78%)
(c.f. Tue. This was a hot evening, Tue was a 3-deg cooler morning)
Thur: 10.7 km lower aerobic (4:28/km; 73%) (treadmill)
Fri: 16.4 km upper aerobic (4:30/km; 76%)
Sat: Zero (but 11 hours standing around in a brewery)
Sun: 29.4 km long (5:20/km; 70%)
Total: 94 km

I was pretty happy with this as a comeback after last week's set back. The Thur/Fri combo was a bit tough with Thur being in the evening after work and Fri being up at 5:20 am or so. I think I might have over-reached a little on Friday, but I knew I wasn't going to be able to run on Saturday unless I got up at 5:00 or so (I had to head out at 7:00 to go and join in a brew day of my prize-winning home brew recipe at a brewery out in Chiba).

Several runs, Wednesday night and Sunday in particular, were hot and tough. There is such a big difference between 27 degrees and 30 degrees.


Ewen said...

The 11 hours in the brewery would have been a tough workout.

That seems like a low HR % for the long run. A bit slower than Tesso though ;)

We're getting an idea of how hot it is over there. Watching Osaka live on SBS - they say it's 33C in the stadium. Women's steeple and men's 10k tonight :)

Tesso said...

I think I might throw one of your Saturday type sessions into my training :-)

MilesandMiles said...

for your saturday session does your Gamin measure the % of beer per liter of blood?

I was in Tokyo the whole week and i must admit that wednesday was extremely hot even compared to much so that i elected to run on the TM !

2P said...

Home brew seems like just the therapy for that stone problem :)

Good to see your training going so well during my hibernation.

Christian said...

looks like you are fit again, great to have you back! your on-line log and blog motivates me, too ;-)