Sunday, August 05, 2007

-17 weeks: 90 km getting easier

That was the third week in a row over 90 km and it was much easier to handle. A combination of improved health and improved fitness I should think.
Mon: Rest
Tue AM: 13.5 km @ 4:51/km, HRav 129 (lower aerobic)
Wed PM: 17.2 km with 15.8 km @ 4:54/km, HRav 133 (lower aerobic)
Thur PM: 11.5 km @ 5:01/km, HRav 133 (lower aerobic)
Fri AM: 14 km with 6.3 easy. Then 7.7 @4:37/km, HRav 149 (upper aerobic)
Sat AM: 12 km @ 4:29/km, HRav 142 (upper aerobic, average lowered by including early part of run)
Sun AM: 26 km @ 5:25/km, HRav 134 (long run) in 29 degrees!
Total: 94 km

Health wise, my body is feeling better than it has for a while. I went to a urologist on Thursday who diagnosed epididymitis for the problem downstairs that I alluded to last week. I'm now on antibiotics and off the drink. It had been feeling better but I decided to go get it checked out to be on the safe side. I'm glad I did because I think it explained a lot of the other malaise I'd been feeling on top of the fatigue from increased mileage. Now all I have to worry about is the normal heat stress. This morning's long run was a bit of a killer, but I survived it OK. Longest for a while and at a better pace than last week (not that that is saying much).


Clairie said...

Good to see everything is working well for you!

Do you throw in a 'drop down' week after several high mileage weeks?

I'm curious to hear what an 'easy' pace is for you as most of your runs seem to be tempo or decent pace for someone doing that much mileage. The long run is fine - especially for the temp and with your general feeling of malaise.

Anyhow good to hear no mention of injuries or pain with all that mileage - keep up the good work!!

MilesandMiles said...

Always amusing for us training in Singapore to hear people complaining about a 29 degree day :)

one suggestion i have read is to survive that delicate conditioning phase is to supplement your ~100k with cross training some weeks (elypical, bike etc,,). Not that easy to do but maybe effective

Ewen said...

You must be nuts running 26k in that heat.

Clairie sounds confused. Your lower aerobic runs are obviously easy going by the average HR.

How about a link to your training diary in the sidebar?