Wednesday, December 13, 2006

The Wisdom of Nic Bideau

Nic Bideau is an Australian athletics coach who used to coach "our" Cathy and currently coaches our Buster and our Benita.

Thanks to a heads-up from Ewen, I came across a nice overview article by Bideau called“Coaching Middle and Long Distance Runners" that was reproduced from Modern Athlete and Coach (with permission) on Speedy Geoff's blog. As Speedy Geoff published it in parts over several posts, and as with all blogs the most recent post appears at the top, it is a bit hard to follow, so I have decided to set out links here to each of the parts in the order that they should be read.

Here it is:
Regular long runs
Fast distance runs at around the anaerobic threshold
Intervals or repetition work (I found this the most useful)
Speed work
Recovery runs
Gym sessions


Anonymous said...

Hi mate - I've had the beta bothers trying to post on your blog.

Just 64 sleeps to go ;-)

Cheers, 2P

Scott said...

Hi Stephen

I've been trying to post for the last week too but it wasn't taking my password.

Anyway thanks for the articles I read them on "speedy Geoff's" but I'll take this chance to down load and I'll read them on my new year's holiday.

I'm going to Sendai for 8 days with my family. How about you, any plans for Oshogatsu?