Tuesday, December 12, 2006

Training for Tokyo has started

So, this morning I got up and did my first official Tokyo Marathon-oriented training run. I really should make a formal program I suppose, but the idea is to do several weeks in which there are are a couple of speed sessions per week before going back to three or four volume-oriented weeks that will include some longish marathon-pace runs and a half marathon (Shinjuku City, 28 January). If my body holds up.

This morning I ran 14 km all up, with six km in Komazawa Park being a speedwork session. I did seven times 400 m with a fairly long jog recovery, 1:30 to 3:00 minutes, between each one, so it was actually a little bit like a fartlek. The times for the 400-m efforts were a little uneven, but the course has some undulations and I have never done a string of 400s before, so probably OK. The times were: 84s, 80s, 80s, 80s, 75s, 81s, 76s. McMillan says I should be doing them in 79s to 84s (which I forgot to look up beforehand), so I guess it was about right.


Tesso said...

I like the feeling of that first official training run for an event. Its almost like you know you are going to get way better. Well, you hope to anyway!

By the way I can see the similarity in the look of Miami and Duranbah. But still, you have been away too long!

Anonymous said...

This is the fourth attempt! I was going to say that 80s seems about right - quick enough for a sub-3 hour marathoner.

That's a good idea having those Bideau links in one place. It's a good article - worth reading again.

Ewen (non beta blogger!)