Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Quick report on yesterday's upper aerobic run

Yesterday morning I did the third consecutive week of exactly the same workout: 16 km with 2.5 km warm up and 13 km at 76% to 83% of HRmax. It was really a bit too soon after the weekend racing to be doing this and my body complained quite strongly for much of the run. The pace ended up being ever so slightly faster than last week, but the average heart rate one beat higher, so not much in it. I think the residual fatigue made it hard for any fitness progression to show through, if there was any to be seen, that is.

I am planning hill repeats tonight while others do the 5-k time trial. If I am to run this flaming hilly mountain goat endurance race in four weeks, I think I need some serious hill and trail running. The Nosh run on Sunday will be a helpful preparation. It is going to feel weird jumping off the plane and within a couple of hours being in a hard run through the Angophora costata and Eucalypus saligna of Sydney Harbour! Will Davidson Reserve be the way I remember it? 

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Tesso said...

So is it really just hours between flying in and hitting the road in the Nosh?