Friday, November 20, 2009

Re: Ohtawara

On Fri, Nov 20, 2009 at 10:05 PM, Joachim Dirks <xxx@xxx> wrote:

> Hi Steve,
> wish I could join you this weekend in Ohtawara.
> Your Mileage over the last weeks is impressing.
> What are you up to...? sub-3 is in reach?
> Wish you all the best for a great run!
> Have fun and please keep me posted!
> cheers
> Joachim and Christiane
>Hi Joachim,

Thank you so much for that email. I have been wanting to write to you
all this week just to let you know my situation, but have been
constantly pressed for time. So, yes, I am in OK shape. Definitely not
sub-3 this time. I know it. I had a fairly good October, but really
the mileage was what I needed in September, and October should have
had another 100 or 200 km, but too many setbacks with injury and a
heavy cold that hung around for weeks and weeks, just when I was ready
to ramp up the mileage. Still, I have trained as much as I could
without killing myself.

On 1 November I ran Phil's half marathon at Arakawa and 4:15 pace was
a bit too stiff for me. I faded each 5 km from 10 km to the end,
finishing at about 4:30 pace yet working hard. So even though I did
take tired legs into that run, still, it would be impossible to hold
4:15 through to 42. Just impossible. Then last Sunday I ran 22 km at
marathon pace of about 4:25/km, to simulate how I would feel at half
way. The answer is, well, not so great. I wasn't fading badly or in
pain, but it was not easy either. So if I go out at that pace on
Monday, it is going to be real hard work for the second half, but
there is a chance I can hold on and bring it home for a sub 3:10.
That's my aim anyway, and if I can by some miracle get under 3:05 I
would consider it a great run. Definitely I hope to run in such a way
as to give myself a chance at a negative split. If I achieve that, I
will be happy.

Thanks again for your email. I will miss not having you or Paddy in
the race with me. Instead I must target to beat Terry Minegishi :-).
Hope you're running well!




Ewen said...

Although Hanna's account is inactive, at least you're not inactive Steve. Maybe you should have tried knocking that cold on the head with some extra-strength home brews.

I'll refrain from making some joke about you finishing 25+ minutes behind the time Scott will run ;) Anyway, at least you know what's possible, and if the running gods are with you, 3:05 could be it. Have a good one Monday, and enjoy that cool weather!

Stephen Lacey said...

Hi Ewen, thanks mate, especially for refraining from reminding me about Scott.

I thought my reply to Joachim about summed up what I wanted to blog, so just directed the email this way. Smart move, heh? ;-)

Had no idea what you were talking about Hanna's account being inactive when I read your comment in my email box. That cheeky Hanna has been a naughty girl and let her Botofuket account go kaput. I will have to track her down in Facebook and ask her to fixit. My poor nekkid blog.

Ewen said...

No worries Steve. I'll remind you after I return from Christmas holidays when the sub-2:46 has been run.

Scott Brown said...

Have a good race tomorrow Steve! I'll be thinking of you. I hope you can write about it on your blog and it gives you a taste or at least a sniff at your potential.

Ewen is really stressing me out with his high expectations. Still, it is much better than none at all I suppose. My non running mates when they find out I've run a marathon usually just ask "Did you finish?" and that's the end of it. While I'm there thinking "Ask me my time, go on ask me my #&%!ing time!!"

Stephen Lacey said...

Ewen is a master of applying the blowtorch. You'll be right, Scott. Don't worry about the time you post. Just do the work and the results will look after themselves -- and they'll be good. Provided you don't run off course or anything.

The weather forecast in Ohtawara tomorrow is for 14 degrees, fine, and no wind!! Ha ha!! Why aren't you here??????

Ewen said...

Come on Steve - how about all the gory details?!