Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Ohtawara Result: 3:06:58

Full splits at my log.

My first marathon was 3:06:06, on this course, so that is one of the benchmarks I would very much like to have beaten. But I didn't. The very most I dared hope for was sub-3:05, but I didn't really think it was achievable, and it turned out I was certainly right about that. The disappointment--satisfaction mark was 3:10, and I was comfortably under that. No PW this time. So I am happy.

I ran pretty strong right throughout and only had a 1-minute fade in the second half. Finished with legs screaming and breathing through the roof, so I cannot say I left anything out on the course. I suppose the best way to sum it up was as a no-fuss, business-like performance.

And now I just discovered that I made it into the Tokyo Marathon on the second draw of the lottery. I am chuffed about that because, to be honest, I really couldn't see myself training on without something like that to aim for.

Cheers for the good wishes!


Scott Brown said...

You always give your best, a bit better than "business-like" I reckon. And I reckon if you can do that time on the training you've been doing then you have some talent and it's scary to think what kind of time you could get in Tokyo if you were doing my kind of mileage.

Ewen would be stumped for a bet then.

Thanks for the quick update Steve.

Ewen said...

Geez Steve, you've made it difficult for Scott! The bet was that he'd thrash your Ohtawara time by 25 minutes, so now he's going to have to run 2:41!

Nice looking splits - I like that you sprinted in to break 3:07. Now, why don't you take a couple of months' long service leave and train 'seriously' for Tokyo ;)

Anonymous said...

I am very impressed by how casual you are about a 3:06. I would go on a 5 month bender if I achieved that.