Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Ho Ho Ho ...

Well, someone certainly got a great Christmas present. Congratulations Scott!

As for me, it is just steady as she goes. Battling the ravages of time, trying to shake off niggles, which I am beginning to think at my age are a permanent companion to be tolerated, not an unwelcome guest who is at least eventually going to leave.

Been getting in a few nice runs lately and today did 17.5 km in 1h 21min at a heart rate of 142 average, which is not too bad, really. Especially as I pulled up feeling reasonably fresh and without any major new injury.

Another big bit of news is that I got a Garmin 405cx. Nice bit of kit! I love the ANT+ auto upload and being freed from having to take splits and worry about measuring the length of the course I run. Having a reliable heart rate monitor again is nice. It is helping with my motivation, which is definitely a Good Thing.


Ewen said...

Yes Steve, it's presents like Scott's that we all dream of!

Good to hear the old bones are still doing the job. That was a good run - hope the 405cx can keep you motivated through 2010, and perhaps inspire more frequent blogging ;)

Also, thanks for your thoughts.. I do remember well your post about your dad. I thought at the time you were lucky to have an old man like that.

Take care, and happy new year!

Scott Brown said...

Nice analogy with the "niggles" Steve. But that line "a permanent companion to be tolerated" is more apt in descibing my wife's view of me these days ;)

Tokyo will be good for you and despite your realism I believe that if you train even close to what you were a couple of years ago a new PB is in the offing.

You know you are a role model for your sons among others so I hope you can get back to some serious training and prevent your boys becoming like this ;)

Luckylegs said...

A very happy & successful running & family year, Steve!

I've had the Garmin 305 for some years now & couldn't imagine being without it! Me and Virtual Partner, whom I use on some occasions, have become both good friends and bitter rivals!

For motivation, lately I've been telling myself : Phew! I've made it through another year & plenty of others didn't!

My wish for you is that you & your family stay well and that you run well in 2010 & beyond! LL

Anonymous said...

Your blog keeps getting better and better! Your older articles are not as good as newer ones you have a lot more creativity and originality now keep it up!

Scott Brown said...

What is with "Anonymous"'s comment? I've seen that on other peoples blogs too.

As for "Your older articles are not as good as newer ones." I disagree, at least there were "older articles" the "Newer ones" are nowhere to be seen.

Still if you think your writing talent is not wasted on, "Today I scratched my bum" "Facebook", then stay with it son ;)