Thursday, September 24, 2009

Quick update

I have to apologize to Scott in particular for not updating sooner re intentions for Ohtawara. Well, I have entered, and my full intention is to run it, though I will be threatening for a PW I think. It has been a very up and down preparation. The best way to catch up is by browsing my RunningAhead Log, but in a nutshell, after finally getting some consistency together after coming out of the period of work helldom, and starting to inch my long runs up towards 30 km, and starting to get some relief from the summer heat and humidity, what should happen but I get a leg injury. The old biceps femoris again. First it was just a niggle, but then I tripped and tore it. That was about three weeks ago. I had five days off, then tentatively started coming back. After a week of that I brewed beer and got a really crook back from carrying heavy pots of water and wort, and that caused other problems when I tried to run through it. I battled on and now things have come back to an even keel and I am trying to get consistent again. I actually ran 33 km last Sunday at reasonable pace, so I'm feeling a bit more confident about the marathon again, provided I can have a good October, with 4 or 5 good long runs and a few race pace runs, and hill workouts. I aim to do at least one and maybe two hill workouts a week.

So that's it. Scott, have you entered and are you interested in Ohtawara? Sorry if I've given you a bum steer by being quiet for so long. It has just been so hard to know which way things were headed.


Scott Brown said...

Well mate I was seriously considering it. But decided on a race on Dec 23rd closer to home.

Anyway I'm sort of pissed off now as you being so underdone It would have given me a chance to give you a clipping and at the same time win a six pack from Ewen.

Still there is always next year. Maybe if you can get in some more running I can encourage Ewen to make it a carton for whoever wins ;) But that might be a problem as I've heard he is tighter that Speedygeoff's hamstrings.

Anyway my respect for you is such that even if I ever beat your marathon time I would refuse to accept your scalp leaving a space open on my "thick leather belt."
Although I might carve in the intials "SL," if you didn't mind ;)

TokyoRacer said...

Well, the moral is: don't carry wort. I never carry wort, do you, Scott? Ewen? I thought "Don't carry wort!" was common running knowledge.

Ewen said...

I certainly don't Bob. Why bust your ass brewing when there's an unlimited choice of boutique beers for sale in Woolies?

Scott, before I read your comment I was going to lay down a carton on you to thrash old man Lacey by 20 minutes in Ohtawara. Now I'll have to promote the "TKO in Tokyo" - it'll be bigger than the "Thriller in Manila". And I'm not that tight - only as tight as Tatiana Grigorieva's crop top.

By the way Steve, 5:16 per km for 33k is snail's pace compared to the hugely quick kilometre rates Scott is logging. Dream on...

Stephen Lacey said...

Well, 5:16 may indeed be snail pace compared to Scott, but I am not making that particular comparison. I am a broken down old man emu and that's all there is to it. Far off his peak. And remember, Scott still has to beat my PB before there are any particular crowing rights. But Tokyo, yes we are awaiting the results of the lottery. If I can get enough gaffer tape and fencing wire to hold the old chassis together for a bit longer I would like to be in reasonable nick come that time. Still running in Scott's vapour trail of course.