Saturday, May 30, 2009

Results of the latest (2nd) 3 km time trial are in. times are the 1-km splits for those that need the decipherin'. I think they know who they are.

May 6: 3:52, 3:52, 3:54
May 28: 3:48, 3:52, 3:52

Actually, I thought it had been a month since I did the first one. A bit silly. I better wait a full month now until the next one.

Anyway, not much progress to be seen. The weeks since then (including the May 6 week) have been 69, 46, 91, 85 (if I do the expected 25 tomorrow). That awful 46 km week happened because I had a weekend that was beset by work and weather and brewing that conspired to stop me running on either the Saturday or Sunday. A very rare event. That resulted in me going into the next week rather fresh and racking up the 90 km. I can't really expect much progress on the back of those numbers, but the regular aerobic runs of 15 km have had a bit of quality about them and are setting me up to handle increased frequency and distance (like he 17.8 km at 4:27/km I did today). After that the results should start to come through.


Ewen said...

Well, I'm not going to argue that there has been progress.

Rack up 4 weeks of 90+ with some quality and we'll see how you go. You're a tad short of Hosaka's 224k per week and two speed sessions per day ;)

Enjoy the 23C weather tomorrow - we're down to less than friendly single figures.

TokyoRacer said...

18k at 4:27 is pretty damn good. I didn't know you were in such good shape these days.

Scott Brown said...

Looks fine Stephen. Are you starting to build for a fast fall marathon?

If it gets too hot over the summer to run you can spend some time bush your cat's teeth.

Ewen can keep his single digits to himself!