Wednesday, May 13, 2009

My Beer!!

I think I mentioned last July that I got a best of show in a home brewing competition. The main prize was that the organizers brew a commercial batch of the recipe, the Yokozuna beer, at a micro brewery in Chiba (Loco Beer). I helped out on the brew day in late December.

Now, five months later, lookie, lookie, that there beer is now on sale over the Interwebs. It isn't cheap, but if you are in Japan, go at it and try some of the best beer ever made in the 5000 plus years of the history of brewing. Oh!! You think that's a bold claim do you? Well, it is a bold claim. And there is only one way you will find out if it is true ;-)

There is a page with an English explanation here.


Ewen said...

So it boldly goes where no beer has gone before?

Congratulations Steve - hope you've got a couple of cartons under the bed for when I get over there for the Tokyo Marathon.

$8.35 a bottle is pushing it for a bloke with Scottish heritage - doesn't look like a 750ml bottle either!

Scott Brown said...

So if I vividly imagine drinking this my nervous system will believe it to have actually happened, and I wont have to fork out the 600 yen?

No, Stephen I would happily pay that for the "Nenmatsu Tripel." I'll put it on my list right under "Go sub 3"

You must be proud!

Scott Brown said...

By the way, did you use any "malted sugar" in making that beer? ;)