Friday, February 01, 2008

The nays have it

Well, after due consideration I have to accept the voices of reason that I would be better off just running marathon pace on Sunday. Pete's analysis was early and has stood up to the test of seeing how it goes. Joachim also echoes Pete's thoughts and another experienced runner said the same thing tonight. So even though I probably could go out and give it a nudge on Sunday, I have to just accept that it would not be the right thing to do for the sake of a good result at Tokyo. So I will aim for 4:10/km to 4:05/km and see how it goes. If my marathon pace is going to be anything close to this then I should be able to pull up feeling relatively fresh, then a week of shorter faster runs next week and recovery and carbo loading into the final week.

I have had a bit of trouble with the right hamstring, which flared up on the Wednesday after Chiba. It is settling back down again now though. I managed a nice solid 37 km last Sunday at a fairly sedate pace though I was able to pick it up over the last 6 km. But I got the distance under my belt and, more importantly I hope, some adaptation into my legs.

My Achilles continue to yap away and cause almost continual discomfort. I have resolved to take time off after Tokyo to try to get them, especially the chronic left one, fixed up. It is getting so as it is just not fun any more.

I met up with Owain Lewes tonight, a Welsh/Australian who I first met through Australian Cool Running. He lives in Korea and is here to run the Ome 30 km road race on Sunday. I entered for him and had to give him his registration card. We had a pleasant 10 km run of two laps around the Imperial Palace and dinner in a (predictably) Italian restaurant afterwards.


Ewen said...

Weren't there more yays than nays? I want a recount! There must be hanging chads!

Seriously, I tend to agree with your decision. Two weeks out is a bit close for comfort - especially with your niggly bits.

Of course, this puts the pressure on to run 2:54:46 or so in Tokyo ;) I hope it all goes well tomorrow.

Tesso said...

Good luck tomorrow.

But what I need to know is if Owain is Welch/Australian living in Korea and visiting Japan why are you going to dinner at an Italian joint? I would have thought you'd go Mexican.

Joachim said...

Steve, looking at the weather forecast which says 4C, snow and strong northern winds of up to 9 m/s on raceday, your decision is 100% correct. If these conditions turn out to be true a 4:05 pace will be a really good workout ;-)
See you tomorrow,

Stephen Lacey said...

Very funny Tesso, seems from events overnight that the Welsh prefer to eat English.